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Heraklion-city, evening, lights, old port
Welcome to Heraklion!

This 3,000-year-old city has been serving as the capital of Crete since the ancient world, during the reign of King Minoas. With a population of well over 200.000, it can more than adequately fulfill the needs of a very wide range of tastes.


The roots of Heraklion go way further than many may think. Starting with the Great Palace of Knossos, nicknamed the Cretan Labyrinth of the Minotaur myth. This location is highly recommended since the intricate paintings and urban planning that have gone into creating this 3000-year-old city have remained in good condition through the ages.



The prefecture of Heraklion as a whole has a lot to offer nightlife-concerned travelers. Hersonissos and Ammoudara are places located on the northern side, especially known for their summer party lifestyle while simultaneously combining the beauty of nature. (Do not forget the No-Alcohol while driving rule.)


Beaches like Ammoudara and Agia Pelagia are some of the most known beaches in the Heraklion Peninsula and definitely worth your visit to tap into the world of water sports and even a horseback ride! The southern side of the island generally portrays a raw nature since the population concentration is higher in the north. Kalamaki Beach and Matala Beach are prime examples of this. There are many gorges that one can go hiking to, although it is highly dependent upon the previous weather conditions. So we would advise you to conduct further research upon your arrival. Therefore, renting a car in Crete and taking your time to drive around is a fascinating experience!

Traditional Villages?

En route to Heraklion from Rethymno, one can stumble across the village named Fodele, which is the birthplace of the world-renowned Greek artist Domḗnikos Theotokópoulos. A place filled with greenery and a creek running through it while only being 5 minutes away from an iconic beach.

One of the most iconic villages in Crete is located not more than 20 minutes away from the airport. Archanes has beautiful maze-like roads that always lead to a picture-perfect square with traditional taverns and rustic coffee shops where the authentic people of this place take time to rest.

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