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Rethymno old port by night, great lights and sunset
Welcome to Rethymno city!

This ancient city has had multiple names throughout history, namely Rethymnon, Rhíthymno, Rethymni. It is located in between the two main cities of Crete, named Heraklion and Chania. Its iconic old town narrow streets will lead you to a path of exploration throughout the centuries. A great hill lies in the centre of the town which is crowned by the famous Fortezza of Rethymno. Some of the most well-preserved historical sites in Crete reside in this epochal city.

It is the case that Rethymni has lived glorious days in the past, but what about the present?

Well, amazingly enough, it definitely has you covered. Rethymno is a city which hosts an exceptionally large university in comparison to its population. That leads to a plethora of choices for you to experience in terms of night life during your summer stay!

On the other hand, Rethymno is not just a living and breathing museum. It also offers you a ticket to ultimate relaxation. The world renowned south beaches of this province will truly meet the highest of expectations. Places such as Agia Galini beach, Preveli, Trioperta, Agios Pavlos, Rodakino, Plakias and Souda offer the beauty that is contained in raw nature. You also have to consider that places like these are where we locals go. That is always the biggest tell-tale sign of something that is worth your while!

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