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Rental Policy

Terms & Conditions
Our rates always include:
Free kilometers (unlimited kilometers traveled).
Free delivery and collection to/from airports Heraklion and Chania or harbors Heraklion, Chania, and Rethymnon (same only).
Comprehensive insurance without excess. Attention to the Exceptions.
Insurance for wheels, tires and damages under the car.
Passenger insurance (amount of cover: 18.000 Euro).
Third party insurance (personal injury: 1.300.000 Euro, material damage: 1.300.000 Euro, upon request also unlimited).
Fire and theft insurance.
24 hours road service.
Road map of Crete
Child safety seats are included if needed. (Free)
All local taxes (24 % VAT).

Other Information:
Renter’s/driver’s age: at least 23 years of age for A, C categories (4+ years of a valid license), 25 years of age for the rest.
Driver’s license: valid for at least 4 years.
Driver: ONLY registered customers listed in the contract can drive the vehicle.
Gasoline: on the traveler’s account (Policy is: Fair Fuel).
It is NOT allowed to leave Crete or to ship the hired car without written permission of AUTOWAY.
Off-road (off-asphalt), there is no insurance coverage; therefore, any damages to the vehicle or extra costs regarding you and the vehicle will be covered by the renter.
Balos Beach is off-limits and violates our terms of car usage. There is no assistant, and any damages are covered by the renter.
The vehicles may or may not be tracked via GPS trackers.
The renter is liable to any tickets and traffic fines imposed during the rental period.
Insurance does NOT cover damages to the interior of the car!