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Cretan Adventures for a Family with kids!
Sure, Crete might not be all about wild parties like some other Greek islands, but that’s
exactly what makes it perfect for families! This place is bursting with history, stunning
nature, and enough activities to keep even the most energetic little ones smiling. Here
at Autoway, we know happy car rentals lead to happy families, so we’ve put together a
guide to some of the coolest things Crete has to offer:
Beach Days with a Twist
• Elafonissi Lagoon! Forget the usual beach scene. Imagine pink sand meeting
crystal-clear waters—that’s Elafonissi! Perfect for building epic sandcastles and
safe paddling, this lagoon is pure magic for kids whilst being totally safe due to
its super-shallow coastline!

• Episkopi Beach! This beach is a dream come true, with impossibly soft golden
sand and calm waves. Bring your umbrellas and seats together to enjoy some
time away from the crowds!

If you find yourself in Rethymno, you can definitely stop by this beach. Incredible
views AND clear waters. But most importantly, SUPER SAFE! There is a small
shelter placed some meters deep so as to cut off the waves and create a safe
experience for children to swim freely! It is not a tourist beach, so make sure to
bring anything you’ll need together!

Unleash Your Inner Explorer
• Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos! Dive into the amazing underwater world of the
Mediterranean at this incredible aquarium. Prepare for wide-eyed wonder as
your kids come face-to-face with vibrant fish, sharks, and even sea turtles!
• Dinosauria Park! Calling all dino enthusiasts! This park near Agia Marina is a trip
back in time. Life-sized dinosaur models and interactive exhibits will have your
little paleontologists roaring with excitement!
Get a Taste of Cretan Culture
• Cretan Farm Visit! Experience the real Crete with a visit to a working farm. Learn
how cheese is made, discover the secrets of olive oil production, and maybe
even try your hand at baking some delicious local bread!
• Knossos Palace! Calling all history buffs! Unearth the mysteries of the Minoan
civilization at Knossos, an incredible archaeological site near Heraklion. Imagine
navigating the labyrinth where Theseus battled the Minotaur—your kids will love
Or something more entertaining!
• Water Parks! When the Cretan sun gets a little too intense, cool down at one of
the island’s fantastic water parks. With slides, pools, and lazy rivers, they’re a
guaranteed way to create lasting memories.
• Amazonas Park! This zoo and animal park near Heraklion is a chance to get up
close to all sorts of fascinating creatures, from majestic tigers to playful
monkeys. It’s a guaranteed hit for the whole family!
Pro Tip: Renting a comfortable car from Autoway lets you explore these amazing
locations at your own pace! We have family-friendly vehicles and excellent service to
ensure your Cretan adventure runs smoothly from start to finish.
This is just a glimpse of the incredible experiences waiting for you, contact us for further
Browse our fleet and book your car today. With Autoway, Crete’s best-kept secrets are yours to explore.