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Cretan Spots - Autoway
Cretan Beaches – A local’s favorites with Autoway

Crete’s reputation as a beach paradise precedes itself. From the famed pink sands of
Elafonissi to the dramatic cliffs of Falassarna, the island boasts an embarrassment of
riches when it comes to stunning coastlines. But for those seeking an escape from
the usual tourist crowds, hidden gems await! Buckle up with Autoway, your trusted
family-owned car rental in Crete, and discover some of these breathtaking, lesser-known beaches.

1. Livadia Beach: A Secluded Paradise

Imagine a beach experience that feels almost private. Crystal-clear blue waters lap at
the shore, and the sound of gentle waves creates a serene atmosphere. This is Livadia
Beach, a hidden gem tucked away in Kissamos Bay near Chania. Perfect for a picnic
with family or friends, Livadia offers a tranquil escape ideal for those seeking
relaxation under the Cretan sun. Pack your beach essentials and grab some delicious
local food, and unwind on this idyllic stretch of coast.

2. Kedrodassos Beach: Where Nature Meets Paradise

While Elafonissi Beach is undeniably stunning, its popularity can lead to crowds. But
fear not, nature lovers! Nestled right next to Elafonissi lies the incredible Kedrodassos
Beach, named for the “kedros” (cedar) trees that form a unique mini-forest behind
the shore. This creates an Instagram-worthy scene: turquoise waters framed by a
lush green backdrop. And the best part? Kedrodassos offers a significantly more
secluded experience compared to its famous neighbor.

3. Marmara Beach: A Secret Cove for the Adventurous

Do you consider yourself a Crete connoisseur, eager to discover hidden gems,
beyond the usual tourist spots? Then Marmara Beach should be on your must-visit list.
list. This scenic beach boasts a unique combination of pebbled shores, dramatic cliffs,
and colorful rock formations. Explore hidden sea caves or simply relax on the beach
before enjoying a delicious meal at the incredible tavern located right there.
Reaching Marmara requires a bit more effort—a boat trip from Chora Sfakion or
Loutro. But for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure, the journey itself
adds to the charm!

Explore Crete at Your Own Pace with Autoway

These are just a few of the many hidden beach paradises waiting to be discovered in
Crete. With Autoway’s reliable and affordable car rentals, you have the freedom to
design your dream Cretan adventure. Our friendly, family-owned service ensures you
get the perfect vehicle for your needs, whether it’s a spacious car for exploring
hidden coves or a fuel-efficient option for navigating charming coastal towns.

Book your Crete adventure today with Autoway and unlock the magic of the
island’s hidden beaches!

P.S. Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sense of adventure—unforgettable
experiences await on Crete’s beautiful coastline!