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Discover the hidden gems of Crete with Autoway. Rent a car and explore destinations like Argyroupoli, Zaros and more. Book today!
Hidden Gems of Crete: Discover the Best-Kept Secrets with Autoway!

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is known for its landscapes, history, and vibrant culture. While many visitors opt for the “popular” tourist spots, Crete has a lot of hidden gems ready to be discovered! With a rental car from Autoway, you have the absolute freedom to explore these off-the-beaten-path treasures at your own pace and reveal Crete’s best-kept secrets!

Here are the locals’ suggestions:

1. Argyroupoli Village: A Blend of History and Nature

Nestled in the hills of Rethymno, Argyroupoli seamlessly blends history and nature. Wander through the remnants of ancient Lappa, relax by the cascading waterfalls, or enjoy a meal at a local taverna! The drive is scenic, offering stunning views of the Cretan countryside.

2. Anogeia: A Village Steeped in Tradition

High in the mountains of central Crete, in the village of Anogeia, tradition and hospitality thrive together. Known for its rich culture and resilient spirit, Anogeia offers a chance to experience authentic Cretan life by exploring its narrow streets, local handicraft shops, and traditional music. The drive to Anogeia takes you through breathtaking mountainous terrain.

3. Zaros: The Village by the Lake

Zaros, located in the heart of Crete, is a charming village known for its beautiful lake and traditional lifestyle. Lake Votomos, situated just outside the village, is a spot perfect for a stroll or a relaxing picnic. The village is also famous for its spring water and delicious trout, which you can savor at one of the local taverna.

4. Aradena Gorge: An Adventurer’s Dream

Located in southwestern Crete, near the village of Anopoli, Aradena Gorge is a paradise for hiking and adventure seekers. The gorge offers challenging trails and a glimpse into the island’s natural beauty. Start your hike from the picturesque Aradena Bridge and descend into the gorge to explore it. Driving to Aradena Gorge allows you to experience the untouched beauty of southwestern Crete.

5. Loutro: A Hidden Coastal Haven

Accessible only by boat or on foot, Loutro is a hidden coastal village on the south coast of Crete that offers a tranquil retreat away from the crowds. This picturesque village features whitewashed buildings and crystal-clear waters. Park your car at Chora Sfakion and take a short boat ride to Loutro, the perfect destination for those seeking peace and serenity.

Ready to discover the hidden treasures of Crete?

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