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Bus or Car on Crete: Autoway
Should you be taking the BUS in Crete?

Crete, myths and history! Full of travelers chasing its stunning beaches, dramatic
landscapes, and rich culture. But beyond the initial allure lies a network of discovery
waiting to be explored. While Crete has a bus system, navigating its ways can steal
precious vacation time and leave you yearning for the freedom of a rental car.

The Labyrinthine Bus System: A Challenge for the Adventurous

For the really experienced explorer, Crete’s buses might seem like an exciting puzzle.
However, for most visitors, deciphering routes, schedules, and often limited Greek
language signage can be a frustrating task. Unlike the familiar LED screens found in
many bus stations throughout big cities that display accurate times of arrivals,
departure times in Crete can be more fluid. Patience becomes a key ingredient, and
spontaneity is your constant companion. That leads to a lot of unnecessary anxiety, not to
mention the extreme heat of the summer months!

The Advantages of a Rental Car

Here’s where a rental car becomes your key to unlocking the ways of Crete. With a car,
you become the master of your itinerary. Wake up whenever you want and have fun
navigating winding coastal roads, discovering hidden gems, and finding charming villages at
your own pace. Stop for breathtaking photo opportunities or be spontaneous and eat at
a taverna serving the freshest seafood—the choice is entirely yours. I don’t know about
you, but us locals are big fans of music; we definitely could not go on a road trip without
listening to the music of our choice!

Beyond the Beaches

Crete’s beauty extends far beyond its iconic beaches. Ancient Minoan ruins waiting to
be explored. Hike through the Samaria Gorge, Europe’s longest gorge, or delve into the
depths of the mystical Ideon Cave, THE birthplace of Zeus. A rental car grants you the
freedom to venture inland and discover these hidden treasures.

Embrace the Freedom: Experience Crete Like Never Before

Renting a car in Crete isn’t just about convenience. It’s about embracing the island’s
spirit of adventure. Imagine the joy of spontaneous detours or the thrill of discovering a
secluded beach. With a car, you’ll create memories that STAY long after your vacation

In any case, if you find yourself fonder of wild exploration without a car, here are
some useful links that can guide you throughout Crete!

For Chania-Rethymno routes

For Heaklion-Lasithi routes


Autoway is Your Partner!

At Autoway, we understand your desire to experience Crete’s full potential. That’s why
we offer a wide range of reliable rental cars to suit your needs and budget. Let us help
you unlock the freedom of the open road and transform your Cretan adventure into an
unforgettable experience.