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samaria gorge
Crete, the Island

Greece’s largest island is one of the most well-liked holiday spots all year. Travelers of various types—couples, families, students, explorers, athletes, and lone travelers—find all they desire in a holiday in Crete, and then some. If you are unable to visit the island during the summer, don’t worry; it has plenty to offer guests all year long. The island is big, so if you want to explore it, you’ll need to have your own means of transportation.

The island’s natural beauty is a generous source of stunning sights and singular experiences. The gorgeous highways, which travel through mountains, villages, and coastal areas, make for the perfect road vacation. If you haven’t gotten your automobile serviced, don’t be concerned. You can travel safely across Crete and all its attractions with the help of one of the rental cars from Autoway.

Beautiful Chania city

Chania Old Port photo, summer sun and blue sky

It is a city that has been shaped by illustrious civilizations like the Arab and the Venetian. The Venetian harbour in Chania, which was started in 1320 and finished in the 16th century, is one of the city’s most attractive locations. The Old Town of Chania, with its narrow cobblestone streets and distinctive Splantzia Piazza, is even more stunning. As you go through the Minoan Palace Center of Kydonia, you will pass through the remains of Byzantine walls and a portion of the Minoan civilization. Choose Souda to rent a car if you are travelling by boat. Let us know 🙂


Samaria Gorge

With a 16-kilometer length that begins in the White Mountains and ends in the Libyan Sea, it is the longest in all of Europe. It’s a piece of both the National Park and the E4 European Hiking Trail. As a distinctive biosphere reserve, UNESCO guards the gorge. Every traveller experiences joy at the end of their journey because they are extremely likely to see adorable kri-kri running around, some of the 22 springs that provide the gorge with drinking water, and some of the 450 different types of flora and animals. The easiest and most flexible method to get there is to rent a car from Chania. The entry is from the hamlet of Xyloskalo.

samaria gorge


Cretan diet

Cretan food, photo from above the table

World-renowned food is an additional benefit of visiting Crete. You will get an entirely traditional gastronomic experience in Crete, with everything from raki, rusks, graviera, and staka to hochlioi snails and Sfakian pie. If you happen to find yourself at a festival, you should be aware that the evening will conclude with gamopilafo, a special rice dish, and the antichristo, also known as ofto, which raises the lamb roasting to a ritual. Many in the cities and villages of Crete have family recipes they are happy to share with visitors, and they frequently have open homes where mezes are served. By allowing you to drive comfortably and safely, rental automobiles let you get closer to the secrets of Cretan cuisine.

Heraklio City

panorama-mountain view crete, greece

The tourist spots in Crete conceal tidbits of history and culture that are freely shared. The capital, Heraklion, keeps things moving and ensures that the past, present, and future are all balanced. The city of Heraklion is surrounded by Venetian Walls that date back to the 13th century, and a breathtaking sunset can be seen from the Koules Fortress, also known as the Rocca al Mare Fortress. At the same time, visitors from all over the world have been drawn to the Cretaquarium, the Aquarium of Crete, in recent years. It has 60 tanks with approximately 2000 different types of marine life in them, and the guided tour is in eight different languages. Remember that you will need to drive if you want to visit all of these places. If you don’t plan ahead, it will be challenging to use the public transportation on the island.

Minoan Palace and History

temple crete minoan Iconic red

The Minoan civilization was centred on the island of Crete, and thankfully, many of its remnants have endured so that future generations can see this historical marvel. The Minoan Palace at Knossos is one of the Heraklion attractions that receives the most tourists countrywide. The finest approach to exploring the most magnificent old city in Europe is to visit the palace with its incredible murals. Several locations on the island of Crete, including Phaistos, Zakros, and Malia, include remnants of the Minoan civilization. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion has information about this glorious historical age as well as other eras, such as the Neolithic Era.

Pickup and delivery options for Autoway’s vehicle rentals in Heraklion include the port and the airport.

And of course, the Exotic Beaches of Crete

Coast line Crete sea, beauty, colors and waves

Several of Crete’s top beaches may be found in Chania. Balos, a lagoon with blue-green waters that attracts crowds in the summer, is situated on the Gramvousa peninsula. A little farther south is Falasarna, which is part of the Natura 2000 network due to its diverse flora and wildlife and natural beauty. As it is a veritable paradise with shallow, clear waters and fine sand near the southwest corner of Crete, Elafonisi has also been included in the same network.The “garden of Alekos” in Hersonissos, close to the Cretan capital, steals the show with its tiny rock-cut caverns. You will like “Potamos,” a golden sand beach in Malia, if you dislike crowds. Autoway offers rental vehicle options to and from Rethymnon from there. You can reach the 18-kilometer-long organized beach on the North Coast of Rethymnon, perfect for family vacations, in approximately 90 minutes. The islet of Chrysi, which is close to Ierapetra, is a haven for anyone seeking untainted scenery. The most exquisite scene is created by blue waves, a golden beach, and colourful shells.

Crete sea coastline, sunset, water blue, sand.


You will discover new reasons to return to Crete with each visit. Either by water or by air, getting here is simple. By hiring a car from the Chania airport or the port, Autoway gives you the opportunity to see the entire island. Choose the trip of your dreams and have a memorable experience on one of the largest Mediterranean islands.

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